BBC Radio 2 – Clare Balding

It was an absolute pleasure to perform live on BBC Radio 2….

UK National Radio doesn’t get any bigger. We didn’t film the actual performance but my friend Steve filmed us warming up next to the famous ‘Elton John’ Piano…..

It was Clare’s last ever show so a very historical moment for us all 🙂

This EP is stunning, a joy to listen to…. NEW REVIEW

It was a good choice to listen to this EP whilst chilling. Everything bit of it from the intro to the very end was incredibly soothing and relaxing. Sonically this EP is stunning – the melodies and the instrumentation are such a joy to listen to with notes that you feel you are inhaling . Much of the EP is piano driven which gives it a bit more edge and the strong sounds of the pedal steel guitar are delightfully addictive.

Steve has a nice authentic, tuneful yet imperfect vocal which I really enjoy. The first song Trembling Heart has a sweet and traditional country element to it blended beautifully with a true folk sound.

Hard Times In A Beautiful Place is a piano driven anthemic song with a nice message. This song is everything I love about Folk music.

The Great North Road is such a sweet song which is very folk like. It has a nice story to its lyrics and reminds me of a breezy Britain on a bright day. This is the kind of song that would be amazing live and would really captivate you.

Beautiful Tonight is a fun, toe tapping tune with a great sing a long chorus and a highly memorable melody.

The Greatest Love Song Of All Time – a really nice and exciting beat with an inspirational melody and lyrics. The harmonies from Laura Oakes on this song are really pleasing to the ears., she has such a beautiful voice and together they blend perfectly. This song just puts me in such a good mood and I find it really motivating. A perfect choice to end the EP on. I think this is probably my favourite track off the EP.

Something about Steve Young’s music reminds me of a combination of Dodgy, Cat Stevens, Dylan, Sean McConnell and William The Conqueror. There is so much detail and so much effort put in to this EP and that makes it really special.

Build Your Own Nashville ONLINE REVIEW HERE

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“This EP is stunning, a joy to listen to..” Building Our Own Nashville READ REVIEW HERE

Interview with Vents MagazineRead Here

“Dulcet vocal melodies, ravishing soundscapes and pristine vocal lines” Music Site Full Review

“4 STARS!!!” CelebMixRead Full Review

Hi Steve, Really liked your new songs especially “Trembling Heart”, Beautiful Tonight and The Greatest Love Song. Loved some of your emotive lyrical ideas- wish you all the best with them mate. Regards – Marty Kristian, The New Seekers

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, this deserves to be Award-Winning materialRead Review by Subba-Cultcha

Steve has produced yet another beautifully crafted EP. Song writing at its best. Brilliant melodies, great hooks and outstanding lyrics. This EP will feature on our playlist for many months  I have no doubt – Paul Ettinger, Caffe Nero UK

Love the EP Steve, can’t stop listening to it. xLucy Hartigan, Caffe Nero UK

I have all of Steve’s music from recent years and without doubt this is his best work to date. Production and musicianship are brilliant and provide the perfect backdrop to  his meaningful songs. “Hard times in a beautiful place” is a standout track.Alex Nairn. Brooklands Country Radio

Just to let you know that according to Mik, this EP “is miles ahead of the previous one.” He noticed a lot of details about the quality of the various musicians and the know-how of the producer. It was really nice to get a good listen to it. I’m still not convinced by the drum in the last song….. I more prefer the last verse where there is a progression in the drum and various instruments /vocal part. But….. It’s only me 🙂 it’s a beautiful work all together. And as always with you we never have the feeling that… It’s another Steve’s song….. They are all different and unique. I love the US country color of the EP. Before I met you my preferred singer was Brad Presley…. You’ve overtaken the first position 🙂 I love your songs!Anne-Francoise (via Pledge Music)

Hi Steve – just listened to your A1 EP.
Amazing performances and production is superb.
Every instrument has a clarity and space of it;s own.
Well done mate!Mik Brenton (via Pledge Music)
Received my EP yesterday and have been playing it all morning !
First time I’ve used pledge music a little bit of a gamble but Steve it’s great xx
Debbie Hitchin (via Pledge Music)

Hi Steve, Thank you for my EP package which I am delighted with 😊 I have listened to the EP several times and found it to be a very good mix of songs and something for everyone 😊 I have enjoyed every track several times , and it is difficult to choose a favourite, but I think my two special songs would have to be  

(1)  Beautiful Tonight which is a really beautiful love song….’Found my pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow, Now I’m bathing in your glow, ‘Cos tonight you are so beautiful.  Your love is my battery, Your love is my flattery, When you’re hiding in the dark, you’re a blinding white light to me, I’m never gonna fail you, I’m never gonna break your heart, I’m never gonna be a memory, I’ll never be someone from your past’……  

A proper love song in my book 😊

(2) The Greatest Love Song (of all time) which seems to be a song about relationship breakdown but with hope for it to be fixed….Hence the last line…. ‘If you can’t love yourself, you’re wasting time,  You’re no good to anyone, no good to anyone, no good to anyone…. But I’ll be good for you’   

Listening to it, I really want them to make up 😊 Cue for a sequel perhaps LOL!! 

Thank you Steve, I love this EP and I know it will be played often 😊 Love, Lilian xx (via Pledge Music)

Got mine today. It’s marvelous Thank you so much and keep the music coming – John E Farrar (via Pledge Music)

Thank you, Steve. The items of PledgeMusic reached me today. Loved pretty ones, especially approved handwritten logos😊 I’m happy that I pledged at your campaign. Because the result of The Great North Road EP is something wonderful!!
I am very grateful you gave me a chance to support great music🎶 When you will start new campaign in the near future, I will pledge again willingly Yuu (via Pledge Music)

短いイントロ曲に付けた’Inhale’というタイトルも、これからGreat North Roadに車で乗り出すのか、あるいは別の旅路を選ぶのか、いずれにせよ、これから進むべき道〜未来に向けての深呼吸を一つ、といった趣があり、2曲めの’Trembling Heart’を導く役目を充分に果たしている。この’Trembling~’は初めてスティーヴの音楽を聴く人にも、彼の音楽の特質をわかりやすく伝えているのではないだろうか。親しみやすいメロディー、繰り返される心に響く言葉…。
続く、’Hard Times In A Beautiful Place’ は個人的に強い思い入れがある一曲である。というのは、彼のオリジナル曲のうち、自分がライブで初めて聴いたのが本作であったと記憶しているからだ。しばらく、この曲を演奏しない時期もあったが、またライブでのレパートリーに入れ、今回(ようやく!)レコーディングしてくれたのは素直に嬉しい。それも、なんというゴージャスな仕上がりになったことか。満点をあげたい!
ようやくレコーディングしてくれた!という点では、’Beautiful Tonight’も同じ。私の住む国には、結婚披露宴での「ファースト・ダンス」という習慣はないし、自分は既婚者であるが、もしも彼が私の結婚披露宴で歌ってくれるなら、ぜひこの曲をファースト・ダンスに選びたい!実にチャーミングな一曲である。
EPのタイトル曲である ’The Great North Road’ 、この曲の仕上がりには特に興味を持っていた。ライブでは、the barman shouts ‘900’の行の”900”を常にシャウトしており、曲にドライブ感を与えていたのだが、それをスタジオ録音するとなるとどうだろう?と。結果は、バッキング・ボーカルにシャウトさせメインの歌声は旋律を崩していない。このアレンジはおそらく、プロデューサーのジャスティン・ジョンソン氏のサジェスチョンによるものではないだろうか、と私は想像している。実にクレバーな処理であり、結果、このボブ・ディランやブルース・スプリングスティーンを思わせる楽曲に一段と深みが増したように思える。
そして、最後の曲、’The Greatest Love Song (of all time)’。彼らしさが満載の歌だ。最初は、ラブ・ソングらしくない?と思ったけれど、歌詞を全部通して聴くと「なるほど」と腑に落ちるのである。彼のデビュー作 Little Things EPを聴いた人ならわかると思うが、’My Friends’や’Little Things’は軽快で楽しそうに聞こえる曲だ -特に英語圏の人間ではなく歌詞の聞き取りが苦手な私のような人間には- 。しかし、歌っていることは何ともやるせない悲しいことだったりするのであり、聴き込むごとに心に沁みる。そして、この新曲は、正に ’this could be’なgreatest love songなのだ。私の耳には、切り離せないloveとlifeへの賛歌に聞こえる。この曲をEPの最後に持ってきたのも正解としか言いようがない。

今まで彼のリリースした作品は全て大好きな私だが、今現在棺桶に一枚だけ持って入るなら、迷うことなくこのThe Great North Roadを選ぶ。

Yuu Komukai (Via Pledge Music)

Trembling Heart – I loved it but then I heard Hard Times in a Beautiful Place and that was Wow. Next song the harmonica was really cool. Lyrics and voice for the last 2 songs. This CD was my favorite so far. Top 3 songs:
Hard Times in a Beautiful Place
Trembling Heart
Greatest Love song /voice/lyrics. 😃 (Fan via Pledge Music)

The Great North Road – Parr Street Studios – DAY ONE

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I had an amazing day at Parr Street earlier this week. The band were incredible, talented and FAST!!! It was very strange hearing these songs come to life. Having only played them solo it was a very creative and fluid process witnessing my songs transformed into pure magic by Producer Justin Johnson & the Band…

Here’s a short video clip I made of the day 🙂

A FREE EP to the first person to recognise the song in the background 🙂

Campaign ends on JUNE 23rd so don’t miss out 🙂

Save The Children UK

Hi folks,

Now I’ve hit my initial target I can start donating to my chosen charity. 10% of ALL new pledges will be paid to Save The Children UK

You can read more about this amazing charity by clicking the link below:


I still have a little way to go to complete my over-all goal but the studio is booked, musicians in place and we are getting ready to rock…. 🙂

Share with your friends and remember you can also ‘gift’ a CD to anyone you want 🙂