It’s OUR Tour…. you decide!!!

Anyplace, anytime, you choose!

Yes folks, its not your eyes deceiving you – I have a plan!! It’s 2016, we choose when we listen to music, where we listen to music and how we listen to music. The music market is saturated with endless online fodder, music is instant, cheap and disposable……

BUT…. ‘LIVE’ music isn’t. With every gadget driving us crazy nothing beats the experience of hearing music with your own ears, with an enthusiastic crowd around you, and an artist that cares and needs your support. I don’t write music to make money, I would have starved a long time ago! I write music because it’s in me, always bursting at the seams, the need to perform is an obsession and a passion rolled into one.

WHY…. Do I have to choose when you hear me live? Why can’t you? Who says it has to be your local venue, why can’t it be at your place of work? your favourite coffee shop? a local bookstore or even your front room? All I need is a guitar and a space to stand – you do the rest!

I want to set a record for the number of gigs preformed in THREE MONTHS (OCT, NOV, DEC)

Below is a contact form. Use it to suggest your perfect venue, a suggested time of day, which day of the week or weekend, when (preferably OCT – DEC 2016), you invite your friends, work colleagues, ask your boss. All I need to do is sell some CD’s. We will contact local press and radio and make each gig a mini press release, it could promote your business locally…


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