Back To Mine: Fan Reviews

My song ‘Back To Mine’ has been submitted to 105 random individuals around the world – here’s some of the top scoring reviews………..

RATING 10/10 – It’s a music very very good . IT’S AMAZING! MAKE FROM THIS SONG A MUSIC VIDEO WITH GREAT BASS! OMG!!!!i LOVE this song!!!i just showed it to my friend and she cried i also cried my first time!!!! You have reached my heart 🙂 Very nice !!

RATING 10/10 – Honestly I actually love this song so much, the lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful. The singer’s voice is so lovely and clear. The acoustics and instruments are well done, this song is very well produced. Great tempo, beat, and pace. Would be a hit on the radio.

RATING 10/10 – I like this song! I think it’s very professionally and this singer is good as well. I love this lyrics to the song too. I also like the music background with guitar and the drums playing at the same time. This song is great and I hope the singer keep up the good work.

RATING 10/10 – This intro is cool and a bit moving and as the song progresses the song and lyrics are nice and easy going and the instrumentation as well call for more. The lyrics are good and all the production is well worked. I like the song because has many transactions and are positive with the lyrics.

RATING 10/10 – The introductory guitar and melodic sounds were a soothing and interesting way to open up the rest of the track. The vocals were so soothing and reaching. The lyrics coincided very well, making the entire composition and breakdown of the track holistic and greatly enjoyable.

RATING 10/10 – The song has good guitar, a nice beat, and sounds high quality. I love the alternative sound of it, and the lead singer is really good. The lyrics are interesting as well, and really make you feel like your in the writer’s position. I like the pre-chorus, as it starts to build up the song’s intensity. The only thing I don’t like as much is that there’s a lack of happiness to the song. It sounds a bit sad, but I think that is how the song is written to be. The guitar riffs are actually really cool, and I like the blues-pop-rock style they’re going for. The bridge is nice and calm, and I like the quietness of it. I enjoy how the female singer joins in at the bridge, it adds a nice touch. The guitar solo fits perfectly, as if the song was written around it. Overall, I think that the song is really cool, and puts a rock twist on a sort of country themed song.

RATING 10/10 – This sounds oddly very romantic. I love the lyrics, I love the singer’s voice. It seems like he has a good range of music history because you can hear a hint of Spanish-western roots and musical chords that makes this song a complete 10. The way the vocals do not leave the track hanging out to dry, the way engagingly sings is the way to go. I truly wish this sample would have lasted longer. It definitely left me asking for more.

RATING 10/10 – I like the tones this song sets from the beginning. Very smooth tone. The choice of instruments were great. They made a great rhythm and Harmony. I like the background vocals of a girl in the song. He has a great voice. The lyrics are well written and executed perfectly.

RATING 10/10 – This song starts off very nice. The guitar with the piano mix well. Nice driven guitar to switch to the verse. Vocals are very nice and the lyrics are good as well. Nice simple drums in the back. Not to much just enough. It has a different sound to it. I’m not sure what to call it but i like it. I would for sure buy this song and any other by this artist. The different sound is very attractive. The bridge is a nice change in feel to the song. Love the guitar solo. Great tone and not to much. The ended felt cut short but that’s not a big deal. Overall fantastic song. I give it a 10/10

RATING 10/10 – this song have a great start to it and the person in it has a good voice. he right with the a moving song, but he’s using so me good instrument for the song and it a love song. so I would play it for that special my opinion this is a really good song. the vocal is really good he put a lot of time into making this song

RATING 10/10 – I love the beat!!! It reminds me of country and a little bit of soft rock. I love the singers clear nice strong voice, I can understand the lyrics, I like the message. It’s a nice dance song. I’d listen to it over and over.

RATING 10/10 – I REALLY like the intro. This song is definitely catchy, the singing is very good also. It sounds like a mix of country, pop and soft rock. I really enjoyed it. The guitar riffs are really catchy and makes you want to bob your head.

RATING 10/10 – This is a cool song. the vocals are distinctive and warm, resonated with the beating and the instrumentals. The lyrics is very meaningful, clever and original. And of course the instrumentals were well balanced, i would emphatically say that the artists are talented. The production quality if high throughout

RATING 10/10 – the singer has a strong voice. the rhythm of the song is strong and cheerful. guitar sound is well incorporated along with the song and the singers voice, the taste of the song it good, doesn’t go too fast or too slow, music is relaxing

RATING 10/10 – Good quiet Intro. Builds up into a powerful voice which is perfect. Amazing vocals, Seems to hide behind the song a bit. If the song was a little lighter then the transition between vocals and the beat would flow more freely. Good vibes it gives off. The instruments used are very well and fit perfectly with the flow of the music and the artists voice. Production of the song is very great sounds very professional. Totally would purchase this song. The last verse seems like the ending could be a little more grand maybe with some percussion instruments at the end or a fade out ending. The vocals are amazing. The music is amazing and the whole flow of both are grand. Love the whole flow!

RATING 10/10 – the music is very clear. and the vocals are clear. the lyrics mean so much. the beat so always on point. voice reminds me of ricky martin. could write music for the future or just be in the music industry. i would definitely buy it on itunes.

RATING 10/10 – I like the song, I think the beat is very good. The hook is also very successfully executed. The artist’s vocals is very high and rustic, which makes the song more appealing to a wide range of diversity of people. The song is overall to my liking.

RATING 10/10 – Its good I like the beat with the vocals are really good. Who sings this so I can listen to more the music is very smooth and the beat is on point with this song and the vocals go very well with the song I would listen to more of this.

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